The Amateur Radio Local Association D26 Berlin-Lichtenberg consists of the club stations DF0LI and DF0YY which contain a total of 46 members and 1 guest member.

Visitor's Guide

The Amateur Radio Club Station DF0LI is located on the Campusarea of the University of Technology and Economics Berlin at Wilhelminenhofstraße 75A in 12459 Berlin. At this location, until the end of the GDR, the well-known Cable Plant Oberspree (KWO) was located.

DF0LI im Gebäude "G"

When you have reached the site, you go in the direction of the bank of river Spree to the building "G" and can be picked up from the entrance of the cafeteria by prior appointment.

Our club evening takes place every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 16:00 on the club station. Guests are welcome at any time.

The following radio friends are the board of our association:


Gert Krumbholz
Huronseestr. 66
10319 Berlin
Tel.: 030 5128185


Bernd Bruhn
Am Busch 34
15806 Dabendorf
Tel.: 03377 999113

QSL-Mngr in

Gerd Uhlig
Kaskelstr. 51
10317 Berlin
Tel.: 030

QSL-Mngr out

Rolf Thieme
Boschpoler Str. 25
12683 Berlin
Tel.: 030


Frank Rutter
Hallberger Zeile 14
12437 Berlin
Tel.: 030